Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Signs of Life and Hope

Our garden isn't much to look at just now. There is a lot of bare earth and plenty of dead looking plants. I don't cut my perennials back much until the year so that the birds can enjoy any seeds and because if there is a heavy frost the hearts of the plants will have some protection.

However, there are promises of green foliage and colourful flowers to come.

I was pleased to see the broad beans are poking through the soil.

In the flower garden quite a few bulbs are starting to poke through the soil, including these crocus.

This Lenten Rose is in bud, too.

So, on dark, dismal days at least I can look forward to cheery crocuses and lenten roses not too long from now and the taste of tender broad beans in May, although maybe I should cover those beans to make sure the pigeons don't get to them first.

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