Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Feeding the Birds and the Bees

Last weekend it was pretty mild and the bees were flying and even gathering pollen, we think from a neighbour's Winter-flowering jasmine. You can see the bee on the landing board, to the right, has lots of yellow pollen stored on her leg.

Hubby let the chickens out of their ark for a bit of a run round and a dust bath.

This weekend it has turned much colder and there is the forecast of snow on the way, so we have made sure the bees have plenty of fondant. The colder the weather is, the more vigorously they vibrate their wings as well as huddle together, so they'll be needing plenty of energy.

This was a slab of fondant hubby had put in the hive a week or so ago. You can see the bees have made quite a big hole in the middle already.

The bees were looking busy just below the crown board.

 In the second hive they were even busier and they had a lot less fondant left.

The birds will also be needing more food to help them keep warm, so I topped up the bird feeders this afternoon.

We also stocked up a bit on dried fruit, nuts and pulses etc from the health food shop today after buying a new sack of chicken feed, so hopefully we're prepared for any inclement weather.

I am hoping we won't get too much snow, though, and if we do, that they'll keep the roads clear. It's no fun walking down a hill on compacted snow.

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