Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Our first egg

It's typical, isn't it? I went to see my parents today, which mostly involved driving on quiet country roads, so the journey there and back was nice and relaxing.

About half past one our daughter phoned me up to say, 'what do I do with an egg?' Now she isn't stupid, and she can cook an egg in several different ways, so I began to twig that this wasn't any old egg she was talking about. Apparently she had seen Betsy go upstairs to the nesting area, so thought she would take a look and lo and behold, Betsy has produced an egg just three days after arriving! Our first egg and I wasn't there to see it, although it was still waiting for me when I got home and daughter took some lovely photos. We'll wait for another one or two before we eat it.

It's not a very big egg, but it is an egg, and I think she can be excused if her first egg is too small to be classed as 'medium'. After all, in human terms she must still be a teenager.

Perhaps it was the lettuce I gave them before I left this morning. I'm pretty sure Betsy ate most of it. I tried to put out three lots of lettuce, so they could have an equal share, but Betsy had almost finished the first bit before I fiddled about putting the second bit through the wire, and the same happened with most of the pieces, although I think the other two got a bit of a look in eventually. If they like cabbage, they love lettuce.


  1. Yay! How eggciting (sorry!) your first egg...of many im sure. Nearly one year on from keeping chickens I still love checking the nestboxes for eggs.

  2. Brilliant! Not posted myself for a while as I'm been working abroad but this is wonderful news and very quick eggs. Had to wait a few weeks for ours. Like the above comment it's still exciting checking the nest box - We had our second three eggs day whilst I was away!

    Hers to many more...

  3. Brilliant! And very fast with the first egg. Clearly they've settled in well. Like the comment above its still exciting checking for eggs everyday. Not posted myself recently (been working away) but great to see all very well with you!

  4. Hi Karen, yes I can imagine it does stay exciting, wondering how many eggs you'll have each day. I had no idea chickens could be so much fun.

    Hi Olympic Chickens, glad you're still enjoying your chickens. 3 eggs in one day is good going from 3 hens and something we are looking forward to, eventually.

  5. Congrats i'm getting my first lot of chickens tomorrow they ex-battery.

    the eggs will be smaller at first because your hens pullets but it wont be long and you'll be getting lovely bigs eggs.


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