Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Planting Garlic and Broad Beans in November

We had a lovely day out on Sunday so didn't get any gardening done, but Monday was still fine and dry and I didn't have to go to work, so I went out into the garden and planted the last of the bulbs I'd bought, so for once I shan't have wasted my money on bulbs that didn't get planted.

Even better, I then planted my garlic and sowed the broad beans. November is the best time to do both these things so long as you don't have heavy clay which is likely to get waterlogged over Winter, in which case the cloves and seeds are likely to rot.

Planting garlic in November gives it a the chance of a long growing period.
This year I picked up a packet of 3 Thermidore cloves, supplied by Taylors, from the local garden centre. This is said to be a full flavoured French Garlic. Thermidore should be planted in the Autumn. Other varieties are better for planting in the Spring.

At the end of the row, up the top of the picture below, you'll notice a clove of garlic that is substantially bigger than the others. This is a clove of elephant garlic, which is a British grown garlic, sweet and mild in flavour. There were only 2 cloves in the packet and I put one in each end of the row as an experiment.

For late Autumn/Winter sowing Aquadulce Claudia is an old favourite broad bean. My local garden centre were selling Duchy Originals organic broad bean seeds, so that's what I bought.  I've sown the seed a bit closer than recommended because I often find a few don't come up and it's always possible the squirrels will help themselves to one or two. If they are too crowded in the Spring I can thin them out then.

Sowing broad beans in November gives them a better chance of escaping the black fly.

While I was enjoying the garden I was joined by a robin who seemed friendly, but his cheery song might have been meant to warn me away from the juicy worms.

I've got my beady eye on you

I'm still watching that worm


  1. Lovely photos - isn't is amazing how robins turn up when ground is dug! Hope your garlic thrives. Someting (I suspect a rat...) has dug up half of mine!!

  2. Lovely photos Karin, especially love your little visitor. You're way in front of me with planting, usually I have my garlic and broad beans in by now (reasons I will reveal soon). I wish you a good growing season ahead and a very Merry Christmas.

  3. Just realised these comments hadn't been published. I was pleased this robin came so close.

    Gardening is very much an act of faith A&A. I hope for wonderful garlic and lovely broad beans. Anything I get will be a bonus. Luckily I don't rely on my attempts to grow it myself, or I would be very hungry.

    For once I'm not behind with my planting, Karen. I'm hoping to stay that way next year, as I said I live in hope. You have me intrigued now. I'm wondering what momentous thing has made you behind with your planting, other than the dreadful weather.


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