Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Monday, 22 June 2009

Who set the hens off?

I happened to have the camera handy when the chickens started this noise the other day. I guess something startled them, but I'm not entirely sure. Whatever the reason, it struck me as rather amusing.

I'll have to remember not to say anything when making videos in future.


  1. Normally a cat will provoke this kind of alarm call from our hens. Your garden is very pretty!

  2. I played your video and my sleeping dog was up in a flash and checking out our chooks. He got confused when he got outside and could no longer hear them. Poor dog.

  3. They seem easily alarmed as they do this several times a day although no cat or fox is in sight. It could be a pigeon or hearing the sparrows chattering and sometimes they start up briefly when one of us sneezes.

    They also make a similar noise when they have come down after laying in the morning.

    Glad you like our garden, Karen.

    Sorry about your dog, Anonymous.


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