Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Beans and peas

As I was saying, things are growing quite well in the garden at the moment.

The broad beans are nearly over now, with just a few pods left to pick. They were a bit disappointing as we've only had one decent meal from them. Partly the rows are shorter than last year because this year's bed is smaller, but also there were a few gaps in the rows and I didn't plant any spares. The pods weren't all full, either, which may mean their weren't enough bees about to pollinate all the flowers earlier in the year.

Hubby's runner beans got off to a slow start, but now seem to be doing nicely.

His peas are looking good, too, although the second row isn't coming along too well, possibly because they are shaded by the first row, and now the ash is in full leaf it is shading that bed quite a lot.
I've also planted two different varieties of French bean, which haven't been in long, but look OK so far.


  1. Im due for a post about broad beans....Our broad beans have been munched on by Muntjac deer. Only the pods growing in the middle of the bed are still there, not very swollen yet so I shall leave them there for now and keep my fingers crossed!

    You have reminded me to get my french beans going!

  2. Your plot looks very productive - the French beans look like they're doing very well. My Little Gems went berserk and the rocket, well it just keeps coming and coming ...


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