Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Our Next Venture

We have two new additions to our garden.

If you've been paying close attention to the layout of our garden you may be thinking that we used to have some perfectly good compost bins there, and you would be right.

We still have the compost bins.  Hubby has transformed this overgrown corner of the garden from this 

to this

You'll notice that the compost bins are to the right of the two (dead) cherry trees, which look like they are at the edge of the garden in the top picture. In case you don't recognise them they are both covered in ivy in the top picture and only one is in the lower picture.

The two constructions at the top of the page are not fancy compost bins, they are real National beehives, which hubby has just finished making and painting. We got seconds kits to make the beehives.  This means there was the occasional knot in the wood, but that doesn't matter much where the hives are concerned. It could be more of a problem when making the frames.   Hubby extended the paved area where the compost bins were to make a bigger level platform for us to stand on when working with the bees.  He's been very busy in the garden this last month or so.

We don't have any bees yet, but we have just finished a ten week theory course in beekeeping for beginners and are about to embark on a ten week practical course.  We hope we'll be ready to take charge of a colony of bees by early to mid summer.  So watch this space.

Bees and beekeeping is a fascinating, if sometimes complicated, subject.  We are taking our course at Blackhorse Apiaries, but if that isn't near you check out your local Beekeeping Association for locally held courses.  You may have missed the beginners' course for now as they tend to be held early and late in the year.


  1. How fascinating and exciting! I'm looking forward to following your progress with your bees, when they arrive.

  2. It will probably be about a month to six weeks before we get some bees. We are on a waiting list for a nuc. We haven't handled any yet, so it could be interesting.

  3. Wow exciting - hope your course goes well!

    Kay :)

  4. The first session was a bit of a damp squib due to the rain. Hope it will be a bit drier next week.


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