Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Two eggs a day

Betsy has been laying her eggs by half past eight, but when I went to check before going to work on Friday she was still sat in the nest box, so I asked daughter to check at lunch time, which she did. In my afternoon tea break I found a message saying that she had found two eggs, but one was a bit broken.

When I got home there was the new egg, with a little hole in the shell, looking very much like someone had pecked it with a pointy beak.

Perhaps Betsy wondered what it was when she went up to lay, who knows. It was smaller than Betsy's eggs have been of late and had a darker brown shell. We're pretty sure Robin is the new layer and her ear lobes are darker than those of the other two, although I don't know if that is a guarantee that she will have darker eggs. I was surprised, as she still seems quite immature compared to the other two, but then I still have a lot to learn about chickens.

In further news about eggs, Betsy laid an larger than usual one last Monday, and when I ate it today we found out it had a double yolk. Her eggs usually weigh 2 ounces (or 50g for younger readers). The one with a double yolk weighed 3 ounces (75g).

The picture shows Betsy's large egg next to her normal eggs. Betsy is an extremely good layer so far, having laid every day except one since she started.

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