Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Monday, 16 March 2009

A month of chicken keeping

I'm not sure if I should say, it's only a month since our chickens arrived, or it's a whole month. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday, but they have very much become part of our lives. It would certainly seem like something was missing, if they suddenly disappeared: something that enriches our lives and brings us joy.

One month on we now have all three hens a laying. Today was in fact our first day with three eggs.

I haven't had time to blog today, and I'm a bit tired now. Suffice it to say we were fairly busy in the garden yesterday and I've had a few forays into the garden to plant the odd plant today and will write about how the garden is coming along later in the week.

For now I shall try to leave you with a short video clip of the chickens enjoying a tray of soil we gave them.

If that doesn't work, you can see it here

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  1. Thats what I like to see, big fluffy chicken bloomers!
    They are doing very well with their laying, bet the eggs are very tasty :)

  2. Their eggs are very tasty thanks.

  3. Love the video...all their fluffy bottoms sticking up in the air. They are truly fab. I can watch mine all day. We're just getting one egg at the moment but the others should start laying in another couple of weeks. Anyhoo....do come and pick up your hen party award, which is waiting for you over on my blog and please feel free to share it with other henkeepers too :-D x


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