Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Settling down to three eggs a day

We may have had three eggs on Monday, the first two laid about an hour after we let the girls out, and the third laid a few hours later, but there were only two in the nest box on Tuesday. Wednesday morning hubby saw one on the ground, rather smashed, and there were only two in the nest box again.

However, on Thursday, there were three eggs in the nest box all at once, by ten past eight in the morning.

This pattern has continued for the past few days now.

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  1. They will settle down to a regular pattern soon. Now that the weather is warming up, that should also help.

    I still love opening the nestbox lid of the coops to see what treasure lies within.

  2. I understand young pullets do have a few problems getting their egg laying right. We've had some large double yolkers and several soft shelled eggs on the ground. There was another yesterday morning and we could see it had started off upstairs, but slithered through the cracks. The shell looked like pinky brown paper.

    Today however, there were three eggs in the nest box again. You never quite know what you will find and it's always good to see you have a full complement of eggs.


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