Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Survival of the fittest

The peas are coming along nicely
as are the fuchsia seedlings

I went away for a few days, getting back Monday.  Our daughter was in charge of the chickens and I had also asked her to water our seedlings, especially if the weather was warm as it had been on Wednesday.  Well, she didn't forget entirely, but the seedlings were on the dry side when I got home and some had perished, but the majority survived, which they wouldn't have done if she had forgotten entirely.  She is only 19 and doesn't see the point in gardening.

A few of these tagetes, marigold and cosmos seedlings are no longer,
but most have survived.  I shall have to resow the summer savoury, though.

Some of the beetroot seedlings have expired,
but we had more than we needed.

The leeks look promising so far


  1. Hello Karin, Just found you via Karen at the GardenSmallholder and have added you to my blogroll as I'm very interested in what you've achieved. Love the look of your seedlings in cardboard modules and wooden boxes. Looks great! (BTW, cosmos are very easily knocked for six; I tried last year, starting off in seed trays and lost all but half a dozen.This year it's modules for me!) Caro xx

  2. Hello Caro. Thanks for dropping by. I've not tried to grow cosmos from seed before, so thanks for sharing your experience. As it happens I'm growing two sorts, plain mixed and a 'ladybird' mixture, which I particularly wanted, so guess which I have less of?


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