Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Apple blossom

We had a really good crop of apples last year, but the year before we didn't have a single apple.  I know that apple trees have a good year followed by a bad year, but I don't think a bad year has to mean no apples at all. However, we had a reasonable amount of flower on the apple tree this year, so I am hopeful that we shall have a fairly good crop.


  1. I hope you get some apples this year Karin! Our Bramley didn't flower at all last year, this year we have 2 branches flowering on it, if the apples all set properly we will be lucky to get 5 and that's it! Oh well, we have the other trees to fall back on :)

  2. There you are Karin! I wondered where you were so I'm glad I've found you again.

    Lovely blossom - hope you get more fruit this year.


  3. Thanks Karen and Jeanne.

    I hope you get your 5 Bramleys Karen.

    I'm glad you've found me again too Jeanne.

  4. Beautiful Apple Blossoms. I live in area where they are abundant. May plant a tree in one of new garden areas now that I've made room.



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