Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Monday, 4 May 2015

How our garden is growing

We're a long way from self-sufficient, but we manage to grow some fruit and veg. We have an apple tree, blueberry bushes, a few raspberry canes, a blackcurrant bush and some strawberries.

Hubby planted potatoes back in March, which are doing well.

I've weeded and fed my asparagus and what is there is growing well, there just isn't enough for me to take any for myself, even though some of the plants are several years old.  Perhaps if I feed them this year I'll get a better crop next year.

Our onions, also planted in March, are doing well, too and overall the veg garden is starting to look nice and green. There are peas and rhubarb in the far bed.

The veg garden does get a lot of shade, so there isn't all that much space for crops that need a fair bit of sunshine. For this reason we're growing our broad beans lower down the garden this year.

Today I was pleasantly surprised by this little frog that hopped out of a plant on the rockery, luckily not in reach of the chickens.


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