Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grand Designs

We have some exciting plans for the garden this year.

Amber's egg is top right
First of all we hope to acquire a couple of new chickens fairly soon.  We think we ate our last home-grown egg this morning as Amber hasn't laid an egg since 12th January.  The extra large eggs I bought in the shop were still smaller than Amber's have been, although hers were a bit too big.  They over-spilt in an egg poacher and couldn't touch each other in the egg compartment of the fridge.  They were also too tall for an egg box.

Hubby and I recently started a bee keeping course and are thinking about getting a hive, but they do seem to need more attention than chickens in some ways , although they don't need looking at every day.

We're hoping to have an extra shed by the beginning of March, but it may not be a potting shed, which I had wanted.  The space available is a bit small. There was an old Wendy House in the garden when we moved here, nearly 16 years ago, and hubby knocked it down last weekend.  Disposing of it wasn't easy, though, as it seemed to be made from asbestos-reinforced concrete. After taking it to the wrong tip on Saturday, he took it to the right one first thing Sunday morning only to be told he had to go away and wrap it in plastic first.  Having finally done that and returned to the tip he found that he had his annual quota in the boot, but there was still a fair bit still at home, so we'll have to think about what to do about that.

Now you see it
Now you don't

First of all, though it would be good if I started by planting some broad bean seeds as January is nearly at an end.


  1. How frustrating for your husband to try and do the right thing by disposing of your 'Wendy House' at the tip, and then to have to leave half of it behind! Surely a regular householder should be allowed to dump rubble sensibly? A less scrupulous person might be tempted to dump the rest by the roadside, creating an eyesore.

    1. You're right, Caro, my husband did find it frustrating, but we think we know someone who will be able to take the rest for us as they don't expect to have any asbestos-related material to get rid of this year. I hadn't thought of dumping it anywhere, but you're right, if it's that dangerous then surely the top priority should be to encourage safe disposal.

      Thank you for dropping by.


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