Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Big Garden Bird Watch - Results in My Garden

I watched out for birds in my garden between 8.30 and 9.30 this morning.  Considering the birds who do visit our garden occasionally I was a bit disappointed, but here goes.

I saw 3 blackbirds, two male and one female who mostly chased each other away, even the female chased a male off the area where she was feeding.

2 magpies and 2 wood pigeons frightened off the smaller birds while they were around.  2 collared doves also put in an appearance, but not for too long and they were less aggressive.

Later I saw 4 blue tits flitting about and occasionally using our feeders.

I also saw a great tit briefly on one of the bird feeders, one dunnock lurking in the hedge, a couple of robins making excursions to the bird feeders and 3 tree sparrows doing the same.  We usually have more tree sparrows than that in the hedges, so not sure where they were this morning.

Unfortunately the wren I saw earlier in the week didn't make an appearance.

My results have now been entered on the BGBW website.

I'll leave you with a clip of birdsong, although the robin who was trilling away can't be seen.  The scraping noise isn't some exotic bird, but hubby scraping the chickens' mess off the paving stones on the patio.   There was some lovely bird song while I was working in the garden this morning, but when I tried to record it, the birds stopped singing or even flew away.


  1. We had the usual garden bird visitors along with a shy Wren, couple of squabbling Goldfinch, a sneaky Buzzard and 2 Pheasants.

  2. We had a pheasant in our garden last February for a few days. Never seen one there before and haven't seen him since. We had a pair of jays today. It was damp and overcast that kind of weather seems to bring the birds out more.

  3. I do love Jays, they visit occasionally but are so shy. Pheasants visit very frequently, I do love the males and their beautiful colours but not their alarming screech!

  4. I love the new blog, looks great! Sadly we don't get the pretty little birds you get in the UK. We get big noisy sulphur crested cockatoos that can strip a tree of its foliage in about half an hour, they are very destructive! On the other hand the rainbow lorikeets and Eastern rosellas (parrots) are so exotic. It is amazing how different the flora and fauna is on one side of the world to the other.


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