Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Thursday, 16 April 2009

How the garden is looking mid April

I've not had much time to blog lately as my spare time, and a bit more, has been taken up with the garden. There is so much to do at this time of year.

Over the Easter holiday hubby did something he's wanted to do since we moved in almost. He built a pond in our garden, which is not an easy thing to do on a slope. He's still not sure how to finish the top off, but he has now put in a couple of plants, some pond weed and a solar-powered fountain.

A few months ago we both planted strawberries, which came mail order from Garden Organic. Hubby chose Hapil and planted them in a strawberry pot on the patio,

and I chose Honeoye, which I planted around my blueberries, an idea I got from the organic garden at Loseley Park. Mine arrived about a week later than hubby's. You may notice the brown plastic pieces of 'cat scat' around them, which are to deter whatever it was that was digging in this bed after I planted them. They do seem to have worked.

The broad beans are doing well, but it would have been better if I'd planted some spares in pots to fill in the gaps. Hubby has now planted some peas, which are look good so far.

I've decided to experiment with asparagus and have planted a couple of crowns. I've put in some cabbages, which I've covered with a mini fleece tunnel as the ones we planted last year were stripped by the pigeons and I've also planted some onions and carrots and am trying out a barrier against cabbage root fly.

I've also got some potatoes in plastic bags. The first two are growing fast and the third I just planted this week.

The garlic I planted early in February is looking good, especially the lot I put in patio bags.

Just over a week ago I sowed various seeds, which have now come up, and this week I sowed a few bell pepper seeds. More about them later, and about where I decide to plant the globe artichokes I started off earlier this year.

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  1. Your pond is looking great, must have been tricky to do though on a slope. Will you be getting fish eventually or is it a wildlife pond?

    Your vegetable garden is looking great. So far we have been lucky, nothing has been dug up or munched. Im surprised though as we do have Muntjac deer.


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