Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

From Drought to Deluge

Since I wrote about gardening with drought in mind my water butts arrived, just as the rainy period ended and we went into a couple of weeks of warm, dry weather, but the forecast drought did not materialise and we then went into a couple of weeks of pretty wet weather, with deluges at times. The slugs have been loving the wet weather.  Copper rings and occasional scatterings of slug pellets have not stopped them from doing damage in places.  As I haven't put any pellets on the flower bed near the chickens for a while, I collected a lot from there the other day when I was weeding and fed them to the chickens, who loved them.

Unfortunately hubby hasn't got round to connecting the water butt by the garage to the down pipe yet, so we might miss the current period of wet weather.  We did save the water from my shower one morning, by putting the plug in and then carrying buckets of it downstairs to fill up the butt. I can do that again if the weather turns dry again.

P.S. Hubby has connected the butt to the down pipe today, Saturday (16th June).

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