Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Monday, 12 March 2012

A Good Start

I didn't manage to get out into the garden as much as I would have liked this weekend, but I did do some digging and planted a few flowers yesterday and today I managed to finish digging my new strawberry bed.  I'm just waiting for the strawberries to arrive.  I ordered them over a week ago, so I'm hoping they'll come soon.

Meanwhile the broad beans I planted at the end of January are starting to show.

There are six up altogether, so far.

The garlic I planted a couple of weeks ago is also beginning to emerge. Just five tips are showing at present.

The chickens are continuing to lay well, we had two on Saturday, including one from Amber:

Amber laid again on Sunday, as did both pullets, giving us three eggs, which we haven't had for about a year:

Two more pullets' eggs today from Anna and Bella:


  1. It's all looking great Karin!

    We love fresh garlic - we should really plant more...

    Kay :)

  2. Your girls are laying well, Karin. I planted broad beans last month in the garden, no sign yet but not expecting to see them up for at least another 2 weeks.

  3. There's always next year, Kay.

    The broad beans I planted at the end of February aren't up yet, either, Karen. The chickens are laying well, although after the eggs we had from our Warrens, we're wondering if our pullets will start to lay slightly bigger eggs soon. They're barely medium. However, if that's the size they lay naturally without excessive human interference, then so be it. Amber's eggs, always the largest, are too big, anyway. They don't fit in the fridge door side by side.

  4. Hi Karin, the eggs from the pullets will probably get larger in time. I'm still trying to decide when to introduce some new girls!

    The broad beans are just starting to push through thanks the lovey weather recently.

  5. Anna's eggs didn't get a chance to get any larger and Bella's haven't got much bigger. They might be a medium by now. We haven't measured them, though. I'm glad they're not as big as Ambers as we'd have to have the fridge full of egg boxes. Amber's eggs won't fit side by side in the egg compartment.


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