Spring in the Garden

Spring in the Garden

Monday, 5 January 2009

A view of the garden

This shows our garden with a dusting of snow this morning. It was taken standing on the patio. You can see this side of the 'rockery' and the steps from the patio in the front of the picture.

At the top of the picture, in front of the tall trees (Leylandii?) you should be able to make out a trellis, although the bench is in front of the trellis. Behind this trellis is our veg garden.

On the left hand side are the raspberries, and behind them my 2 blueberry plants.

Here are my blueberry plants the Autumn of the first year I had them.

Last January hubby constructed edging for three beds and paths in between. The bed in the foreground, with sticks to mark where I've planted this year's broad beans is the same size as the furthest bed where a few sprout plants still linger. The middle bed is longer and wider than these two.

This is not a picture postcard veg garden, but it provides room to grow vegetables and the soil is in fairly good condition. Since we had the ash tree pruned the plot gets plenty of sunshine on sunny days.

I have placed two slug pubs at either end of my rows of beans, although I am not planning to put beer in them until the weather is warmer. In the far corner you might be able to make out a black plastic compost bin. Making your own compost is very important if you want to grow organic veg. We are planning to buy a wooden compost bin as it should make better compost than a plastic bin.

This is how the veg garden looked in 2006.

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